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Identity is who you are; it is how you are seen amongst your competitors. Your corporate Identity directly affects all areas of your business and is a vital role in your potential customer's overall view of your business. Having a strong consistent look and feel over all of your communication and marketing projects is the first step to building your brand and identity thus creating a solid image of your company. Your Web site, brochures, ads and all other materials should be created in a manor that keeps with the consistent styles and design of your brand, thus enabling customers to instantly identify with your message and way of thinking.

Identities have simplified through the years to adjust to the faster pace of our culture. TV, movies and video games all compete for the shorter attention spans of the population by advancing visual effects and packing their products with action and excitement. In this environment your identity and branding not only has to stand out but it needs to be simple enough that it is recognized in the time you have the attention of the viewer.

Studio Psyclone will work with you to discover your target market and create a customized corporate identity that honestly reflects your company.

We start with your logo or word mark. The logo is the first thing a person sees, it’s the first representation of your company. This is where your identity starts if it is not great it could be where it ends. With the mixed media culture we live in your logo needs to be readily available to collateral such as business cards, stationary and envelopes as well as simpler things like fax sheets and billing statements. You need to be able to use your logo on the web, on mobile, in video and other digital media. This is just where we are today who knows where technology will take us, wherever that may be Studio Psyclone will create an unforgettable logo that matches your company's vision.

Remember appearance is everything.

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Why Psyclone?

  • Representation of client's interests as Top Priority
  • Functionally and Aesthetically creative and appropriate design
  • 22+ Years Design Expertise
  • One stop shop (Concept, Design, Production, Programming, and hosting)
  • No Margins. - Complete service scope
  • Project Management - Balance Design, Cost and Schedule
  • Complete representation of client interest
  • Custom solutions to fit your needs

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